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Dear Kiskunfélegyháza Tumbler breeders!
We invite you to our Europe Club meeting on 11-13 August 2023 and to the Europe Club Young Animals Show on 12 August 2023. Location: Tiszaalpár, 2 Dózsa György str. Participation requires registration at János Kanalas(+36302451998) or János Posta (+36303989701)

  • Friday 11th August: arrival, occupying accommodation and dinner.
  • Saturday, 12th August: - 9:00am: put the registered birds into cages. - Judging in the usual way, with voting and exchange of views. - Lunch: on request, with advanced registration. - Announcement of the show results - Afternoon: wine tasting, consultation on the Kiskunfélegyháza Tumblers, with special emphasis on head, comb and drawing. - 8:00pm: Dinner, retro DISCO
  • Sunday, 13rd August: visit to the Monor Market, visiting breeders.
  • XII. EuropaClub Summer Meeting!
    A warm invitation to the Summer Meeting of the Association of South-east-European Tumbler Breeders and the Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler Europaclub from 1 to 3.9.17 in Hartmannsdorf Kirchberg, Germany.

    Place: Landgasthof Hotel/Pension Flechsig Dorfstraße 37 in 08107 Hartmannsdorf

    Homepage: www. Hotel-pension-flechsig.de

    Accommodation by 31.3.17 only by organizer Sabine and Jürgen Wutzler Tel.004937602139349 or Email: info@tauben-wutzler.de

    Program of the Summer Meeting:

  • Friday up to 4:00 pm arrive and put the young animals into show pens in the Sport hall of Hartmannsdorf Dorfstraße 8 - only a short walk between the hotel and the gym. This will be a Young Animal show together with the Hartmannsdorfer Poultry Breeders Association. Therefore the entries of birds with breed and color is mandatory before the latest Wednesday 30.08.17. The show is divided into a valuation class and a market. The entry fee is € 1.50 per cage for the championship class with the best of the best and 1€ for the Young animal market, with a maximum of 1.1 animals allowed in the cage. This hall also hosts the welcome evening on Friday. The program is presented by the local organizers. Volunteers and bringing local specialties (food and drink) are welcomed. This evening is supposed to be our evening. An evening among friends, where everyone brings something or gives as much as he can or feels good!
  • On Saturday in 02/09/2017 the opening ceremony takes place here at 9:00 am, followed by the showing of the animals as well as the animal discussion. A swarm of white pigeons will rise up into the skies in the presence of the stars of honor and carry the joy of our festival to Kirchberg. Afterwards the animal discussion by the respective breeders. After lunch we leave for the Automobile Museum in Zwickau at 1:30 pm. From 19:00 hrs a big breeder's evening with a awarding ceremony in the hotel.
  • Sunday: 9:00 am Annual General Meeting of the Association of South-east-European Tumbler Breeders. During the meeting, a facultative program is planned for the breeders' women, or they can relaxed in the hotel's swimming pool and sauna. Afterwards lunch and leaving home journey or for whom are interested, they cordially invited to visit Gerhard and Jürgen Wutzler with final coffee drinking in Kirchberg.

    Awaiting for the 3 beautiful days with you, greeting,

    Your Sabine & Jürgen, and Gerhard & Renate

  • XI. EuropaClub Summer Meeting
    Date: 2016.08.12-14.
    The place is: SK, Dedinky (name of the village), Erika Guesthouse (hostinec u Pelleho) settled in the southern part of the Slovakian Paradise between Roznava and Spisska Nova Ves close to the Palcmanska Masa lake.
    Preliminary program:

  • Arriving at Friday afternoon (the pens will be set up with the help of my family to be able to put the birds into pens soon after arrival). Occupation of rooms and relax and a get together evening outside in the garden with grilling and talking to each other.

  • Saturday plan: morning 9-10 evaluation of birds (social program for family members in the surroundings - Slovakian Paradise, Poprad, Iglo, Szepes Castle (Spissky hrad), Betler (Betliar), 3x Aquapark, Kassa-105 km, Tatra Mountains (Vysoke Tatry) 60 km, etc.
    In the evening: dinner, music with dancing.

  • Sunday morning: After breakfast, individual program, leaving rooms and saying good-bye!

  • More information about the place:
  • X. EuropaClub Meeting!
  • Free program. Visiting breeders.
  • Arrival: 15:00 Szakmaközi székház 6100 Kiskunfélegyháza, Szent János tér 3.
  • 20:00 Garden party (6 EUR/head)
  • 8:00 Arrival - Szakmaközi székház
  • 8:00-9:00 Putting birds into pens
  • 9:00-11:00 Meeting, evaluation of pigeons
  • 11:00-12:00 Professional evaluation
  • 13:00 Lunch , Desperádó Restaurant (7 EUR/head)
    Program for womens:
  • 9:00-12:00 Market, Sightseeing, Visiting museums
  • 15:00 Horse show
  • 19:00 Dinner, Malom Hotel (10 EUR/head)
  • Visiting breeders
  • Next Show of The Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler Europa Club will be held between 12-14. August 2011. in Monor.
    Further details!

    Next Show of The Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler Europa Club will be held between 13-15. August 2010. in Odoheiu Secuiesc.
    Further details!

    National Young Show and Budapester Highflyer, Kiskunfelegyhazaer Tumbler and Debrecener Roller Europa Show
    Nov. 11.08-09.2008.
    Debrecen, Oláh Gábor street. Sport Court

    Young Pigeon Show, 2008! Further information!>>>

    European Young Pigeon show!
    Details in English>>>
    Details auf Deutsch>>>
    Détails en français>>>

    A fajtaklub minden monori kisállatbörzén részt vesz! Az érdeklődőket szeretettel várjuk a fajtaklub Klubsátrában!